About Us

  • A leader in engineering, chemical treatment and process technologies, chemical products and services
  • A company that believes in innovation and home to chemical solutions specialists who are able to deliver significant benefits cross a wide range of industrial, commercial, municipal and government sectors
  • A robust R&D Company that continuously strive to expand new product development and service capabilities
  • Unique years of experience in operationalizing ideas and innovation into real-life applications and processes



  • Decades of experience solving chemical treatment challenges
  • A dedicated manufacturing and blending facility of our products in Kuantan, Malaysia
  • Patented technology plus nine other patents currently on patent pending status
  • A strong raw materials position to ensure reliable supply and availability of our chemicals
  • Our own invention called D3 Technology which utilizes a modified polymeric liquid based reaction process
  • Our D3 Technology provides a unique treating process that is environmentally friendly